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John Savin

I am a servant leader to an amazing wife and 3 young boys who together have pushed me to evolve personally and professionally. Over the past 3 decades, I dedicated my career to working across three industries with play a major role in our lives - health, home and wealth. In 2022, my desire to pivot into tech grew seeing how influential it is in our lives. Being able to positively shape the way people use tech motivated me to take the plunge.

John Savin
John Savin

Final ProjectThe Dino Hunters

A fun and interactive adventure as 3 young Dino Hunters learn about dinosaurs of the past and discover new imaginative species of the future.


Why Boca Code?

After 18 months deciding to pivot my career into tech, I decided to attend Boca Code because it provided a much needed structure and an in-depth, well-rounded curriculum. Being new to software engineering, I became overwhelmed navigating which skills to learn and programs to study. Boca Code focused my efforts with the tools and mentoring needed to break into this industry.

What are some of the important skills for success in your field?

In wealth management, it is vital to be a highly communicative problem solver and figure of strength with your clients and team. Our solutions must be tailored to client needs and nimble to evolve as personal circumstances or market environments change.

What inspired you to pursue your current career path?

Over my 30 plus year career I have chosen industries that have a direct impact on people - their health, home, and in 2001 personal finance. Upon seeing my parents struggle financially I dedicated the next two decades as a wealth manager so I can assist my family and others sharing similar challenges.