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Tremayne L. Johnson

Strong Work Ethic - Grounded Character - Very Resilient To Defeatist Mentality

Tremayne L. Johnson
Tremayne L. Johnson

Final ProjectThe Mayne Course Recipe Builder and Events Calendar

I built an Events Calendar where users can plan out any kind of event (weddings-birthdays-holidays) and either connect with catering vendors or use and find recipes on their own. The user will be able to search and build full course meals as well as create and share their own recipes.


Why Boca Code?

I choose Boca Code because after my initial research into the school, not only did I find out they were the Platinum Standard in Florida Coding Boot Camps, their success rate is also very high. They have turned many regular people into awesome Engineers.

What are some of the important skills for success in your field?

Diligence - Constant Education - Trail & Error

What inspired you to pursue your current career path?

I needed a Industry that would allow me to learn and keep learning without a ceiling. Also a trucking accident has left me not being able to drive trucks anymore. Also the pay compares and exceeds what I was earning in trucking.