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Alliette Dortelus

As a former federal employee, Alliette was inspired by the changes she saw in the tech world. She is thrilled to be a part of the rapidly-evolving tech industry where she can contribute through her expertise in software engineering.

Alliette Dortelus
Alliette Dortelus

Final ProjectTop 5

Welcome to my website, where I'll be sharing my favorite places to eat and things to do in the Fort Lauderdale area. My final project is called Top 5, and it's a collection of the top 5 places to eat and things to do that I absolutely love in this vibrant city.


Why Boca Code?

I chose Boca Code, because I was impressed with the in-person approach to learning that they offer. As someone who needed a more direct and hands-on approach to learning, Boca Code was the perfect fit for me. The instructors at Boca Code are extremely knowledgeable and are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the students understand the material. The atmosphere create a comfortable learning environment Where everyone feels welcome to ask questions and seek assistance whenever needed.

What are some of the important skills for success in your field?

Some of the most important skills for success in my field problem-solving, communication, adaptability, and teamwork. You have to be able to identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently. Also need to be able to communicate complex technical information to people who may not have any technical background in a concise manner. Lastly, adaptability and teamwork is definitely key. You need to be able to adapt to new skills while collaborating with colleagues on a project.

What inspired you to pursue your current career path?

I have always been fascinated by the ever-evolving nature of the tech industry, and the endless opportunities it provides for learning and growth. As a former TSA officer, I had a front row seat to the evolution of technology within the government agency. It was clear to me that in recent years, the agency has been leaning heavily into technology to improve its operations and enhance security measures. It was this inspiration that led me to pursue a career path in tech, and I am so glad I did.